A picture of me

Hi, I'm Nelson Kamga !

I'm a software developer by day & indie maker by night and weekends (at least in the making).

Get into my world or ping me here !


LeQube's Website


LeQube is an initiative to help young people learn web development through online courses in French. We have helped over 20 students learn programming through this initiative.

Kweek's Website


A website for an e-commerce agency

Stock Prediction Graph

Stock Price Prediction

An experiment about predicting stock prices with an LSTM using Python.

Trezzo's Website

Best Nine – Unsplash

A spin-off of Best Nine based on Unsplash’s API
Stack : Node.js (back-end) & React (front-end)

Trezzo's Website


A SaaS app that let's you collect feedback from your users directly into a Trello board.
Stack : Python/Flask (back-end) & Vue.js (front-end)

Jobby's Website


Yet another job board
Stack : Node.js/Express & MongoDB

Trezzo's Website

Digitix Store (defunct)

An ecommerce shop for smartphones and electronic accessories
Stack: Node.js & MongoDB (back-end) Vue.js (front-end)

Mockups & Concepts

LeQube's Website


A todo list on steroid. Prototyped but never implemented.

LeQube's Website

Foodie Travelers

A community of people who travel to discover new meals around the world.


Trading with Python

Trading with Python

Predicting stock prices using an LSTM

Trading with Python

JAMStack (French)

A new architecture for the modern web

Trading with Python

Introduction to NodeJS (French)

A talk for GDG Porto-Novo

Trading with Python

reCAPTCHA (French)

Protect your sites from spam and abuse

Trading with Python

Introduction to Machine Learning (French)

A well kept secret.